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918Kiss Maintenance


It’s been a month since the last time 918Kiss was abruptly maintenance and out of service. Players must be anxious and curious about what’s wrong with 918Kiss. Whether the company has gone out of business or something else.

I would like to tell 918Kiss players not to worry too much. According to the internal senior management of 918Kiss, they can’t renew their business license due to the new government.

Besides that, during this period, 918Kiss also lost a lot of customers because people turned to other platforms. They changed to play Mega888, Xe88, 918Kiss Plus, 918Kaya, and many more.

Moreover, 918Kiss players were disappointed by their irresponsible attitude. In addition, the abrupt suspension not only affected the players but also caused huge losses to agents.

Who is The Boss Of 918Kiss?

Who Is The Boss Of Official 918KISS APK
Who Is The Boss Of Official 918KISS APK

I’m sure that’s a question that everyone is curious about. Likewise, some people say that the former prime minister Malaysia – Najib Razak is also a shareholder. But these are rumors and we should not believe them blindly.

Of course, politics is dark, we shouldn’t be surprised if Malaysian state officials do have ties to 918Kiss anyway. Gambling is just fun anyway. Besides that, the most important thing is that the country’s officials are willing to deal with trivial matters.

How Long Does 918Kiss Maintenance Takes?

I believe this is a question many gamers have been wondering about recently. As they can’t wait to play 918Kiss. After all, there is no platform on the market that can attract as much attention as 918Kiss.

Well, normally 918Kiss maintenance took less than a day. However, we dare not give any guarantee this time. After all, if the license cannot be renewed, 918Kiss will continue to shut down.

During this period, players can choose to have a rest and save money until 918Kiss well maintenance. Or you can ask our customer service executive about other mobile slots APK. Moreover, there are many brands similar to 918Kiss in the market. Although the level of fun is a little less, the game types are almost the same. So, I think you can have fun too.

What Else Of Slot Game Can I Play During 918Kiss Maintenance?

Mobile Slot Game Malaysia
Mobile Slot Game Malaysia

There are a lot of interesting slot machine games in Malaysia. Anyway, 918Kiss has not set a date for done maintenance. So, why don’t you take this opportunity to try other gambling applications?

If you are interested in other slot products you can click on the chat room at the bottom right corner. There will be a professional customer service executive ready to serve you anytime.


Last but not least, I believe you have some understanding of the 918Kiss closure without warning after reading this article. As an aside, Genting Highland has been open recently. So, it’s better to go to the casino for a little bit of air. After all, it’s not good for your eyes to gamble on the phone all the time. Well, enjoy and good luck to you.

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