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Aladdin Lamp

918Kiss Malaysia Aladdin Lamp Slot Malaysia
918Kiss Malaysia Aladdin Lamp Slot Malaysia

This is how people think of 918KISS Aladdin Lamp – The Genie that releases from the oil lamp. One of the most famous cartoons made by Disney. There are a lot of interesting characters in the cartoon. It is a good memory of our childhood.

Indeed, the Aladdin lamp in 918Kiss was actually inspired by the Disney cartoon show. In fact, this cartoon show is very popular with old people and children as well as the mobile slot game.

Aladdin Slot 918Kiss – 20 pay lines, Suitable For Slot Beginners

918Kiss APK Pay Lines
918Kiss APK Pay Lines

I would say it is actually less complicated playing 918Kiss Aladdin lamp. Because it only has 20 pay lines for you to spin the reel. The minimum bet per line for Aladdin is RM0.01 and the maximum bet per line is RM200.

I suggest beginners try this game. Due to the pay lines are very less and its easier for you to understand how to win the game.

Aladdin Slot 918Kiss “DOUBLE” Feature

918Kiss Apk Malaysia Gamble Feature
918Kiss Apk Malaysia Gamble Feature

If you win the bet, you can choose to continue the bet or press this “DOUBLE” button. If you select a double button, you will go to the mini-game section of Aladdin 918Kiss.

At this point, the 918Kiss game system will let you guess the CARDS. Therefore, you have to guess behind the CARDS is Aladdin or Genie. If you get it right, your winning amount will be double. But if you get it wrong, the system takes back what you just won.

Scatter Symbol Aladdin Slot 918Kiss

Make sure you click the “Help” section of Aladdin and study before you start playing. This will give you a better mindset of which symbol will let u win more. So, you try your best to strive as much that symbol as you can.

918Kiss Slot Aladdin Lamp Game Tips

Keep this in mind if you want to win big from the 918Kiss:

  • If you want to get free spins more frequently. Ensure the last 2 digits of your ID is even numbers. Due to even numbers are actually VIP ID. It is actually easier for you to receive 918Kiss angpau and Jackpots in the game.
  • Never play this game except in the 918Kiss. Because another brand of this game will only make you lose money. This is an advice from the 918Kiss Slot Expert.

Wrapping Up

Last but not least, novices are really recommended to play this game. But as a beginner, you need to be careful when choosing a 918Kiss agent. Because a lot of agents will choose to block you after you win money.

In addition, we don’t want you to have this imperfect experience for the first time joining 918Kiss. So, click on the bottom right of the chatbox if you are willing to join a trusted company.

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