918Kiss Android APK Alice Mobile Slot

Cartoon Series Slot That Can Win Over A Million


Alice 918Kiss Mobile Slot Game Malaysia
Alice 918Kiss Mobile Slot Game Malaysia

This is how people usually think of Alice – Alice in Wonderland! One of the most famous cartoons that are made by Disney. A lot of interesting characters in the show.

Yes, Alice in 918KISS is actually inspired by Disney’s show. 918KISS Malaysia has used lots of characters from the show to produce the slot game, such as The Mad Hatter (as previously cast by Johnny Depp), Alice, Red Queen, White Queen, White Rabbit, etc.

The game is extremely attractive to young slot game players, as this is exactly what made up their childhood. High-quality graphic design, accompanied by tons of amazing sound effects, you would feel like entering the world of Disney playing Alice.

Alice Slot 918Kiss – 15 Pay lines, No Bonus Games, Easy to Play

I would say it’s pretty easy to play Alice. There are only 15 pay lines in the game, less complicated. Likewise, there is less prize combination in the game.

Meanwhile, there is less animation in the slot game as compared to Marvel’s series. So, the game can run much smoother without hassles. It’s even better to play this game in the 918Kiss Android APK version. The original game developer designed Alice in such a way that it can be perfectly presented in the Android operating system to achieves the finest quality of screen resolution. So, try not to play the game with Apple IOS Smartphone.

Likewise, you can choose how many bet lines you wanna play, as well as how much you wanna bet for each line. There is the “AUTOPLAY” feature, whereby you can just let the game run automatically having the button being turned on.

There are no free bonus games in Alice. So the highest winning combination you can expect to take home is 5 Wild Symbols in a line. Do not underestimate the prize of such combo, as you might take home more than millions ringgit if you bet big enough on the bet per line!

Pretty Straightforward 918Kiss Game Rules

Official 918Kiss Game Rules
Official 918Kiss Game Rules

It’s really really important to understand 918Kiss game rules before you wanna go big on a slot game. In the “Help” section, there is an illustration teaching you how to recognize the line pattern for winning combination.

Again, its game rules are pretty much straightforward. As mentioned, this slot game is designed to recall your childhood. So, there will not be any complex stuff in the game.

If you were to encounter unusual situations regarding the winning result while playing Alice, you should really contact 918KISS Malaysia to lodge a complaint or to make an inquiry.

Alice’s Slot 918Kiss Odds Table Teaches You How to Win Big

Not satisfied with the prize combination as mentioned in the earlier section? Let’s look at the odds table. This is where you can learn how to win big from Alice 918Kiss Malaysia.

There are many symbols and characters in the game. Your ultimate target would be to strike as much “Alice” as possible. Since it is the main cast of the show. Likewise, she also represents the highest rate of return in the slot game.

I can’t imagine how much you could possibly win if you were to strike 5 Alice in a line in 918Kiss APK. Let’s look at all of a kind:

Alice 918Kiss APK Odds Table
Alice 918Kiss APK Odds Table

Bingo! This is the secret to win extremely big from the game. Unlike Magical Spin Xe88 with endless free bonus games, it’s sad to say that there is no free bonus game in this game. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a fortune from this game. As a matter of fact, a game like this usually offers a higher winning payout than slot games with free bonus games!

All you have to do is to strike 5 Alice in any of the 15 pay lines. Then you will get a winning multiplier of 5000 times! Say for example, if you were to bet RM100 per line, then what you will get is equivalent RM500,000!


There are a lot of interesting slot games in 918Kiss APK Malaysia. Moreover, we’ll be sharing 918Kiss slot game tips daily. So, 918Kiss lover please stay tuned. Enjoy and good luck.

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