918KAYA Amazing Thailand Slot

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Amazing Thailand

918Kaya Thailand Style Slot Game
918Kaya Thailand Style Slot Game

Today I’m going to introduce the Thai slot game – 918Kaya Amazing Thailand. I’m sure if you’ve read about geography you know that our neighbor Thailand is a beautiful country.

Besides, that, not only Thailand food is delicious, the people are very friendly and kind too. On the other hand, the price of travel is very affordable.

We also know that Thai boxing is a major sport in Thailand. In order to promote Thai boxing, 918Kaya also collaborated with the Thai Boxing Association to develop this slot game.

Moreover, 918Kaya Amazing Thailand not only uses Thai boxing as a slot symbol. It also uses Buddhist heads and various Thai flowers as the main slot symbol.

Although the 918Kaya slot game can’t let you really experience the pleasure of traveling in Thailand. But as long as you study this slot game carefully, it can let you win the air ticket money to Thailand.

How To Play 918Kaya Amazing Thailand?

Official 918Kaya Slot Feature
Official 918Kaya Slot Feature

Of course, this slot game is not only available at 918Kaya. In addition, you can also play it in Mega888, 918Kiss, 918Kiss Plus, and many more. But the platform that is easiest to win money and get free spins is 918Kaya. So, you should know which one to choose.

Besides that, 918Kaya does provide an Android operating system and IOS version download link. So, as long as you have a mobile device you can enjoy this amazing slot game.

After downloaded 918Kaya, you need to get your VIP 918Kaya ID from your agent or your casino company. It’s important to note that in order to avoid problems like lag. Players are also advised to use wifi when they are playing Amazing Thailand.

918Kaya Amazing Thailand 50 Pay Lines & Symbol Introduction

50 Pay Lines 918Kaya Amazing Thailand
50 Pay Lines 918Kaya Amazing Thailand

As the chart above shows, there are 50 pay lines in this game. So, it’s a little more complicated than other slot games with less than 50 pay lines. Well, I don’t really recommend 918Kaya beginners try this slot.

But having more pay lines means there is more line combination to strive. This means you have higher chances to win on each bet compare with those slot games which has several pay lines.

In addition, ensure you study and understand the slot symbol before you start deposit with real money. Knowing the coefficients of each symbol will greatly help you know which symbol to focus on when gambling.

918Kaya Progressive Jackpot

918Kaya Amazing Thailand is triggered at random. Likewise, the Jackpot win is added to other wins as well. Playing slot games at 918Kaya is really a wise decision. It’s RTP (Return To Player) percentage is 92.22%. Which means it is the highest RTP among all slot APK in Malaysia.

918Kaya Auto-Play Option

Pressing the autoplay will allow you to enter your autoplay parameters. On the other hand, pressing autoplay will automatically bet according to the options you have selected. Likewise, pressing Stop Auto will deactivate the automatic play option.

With this feature, players no longer have to worry about missing out on prime gambling time when they are busy.


It’s a loss to drink, drink, and whore. The only wise choice is to gamble at 918Kaya. Normally, the profit of gambling is 80%. Lastly, with 918Kaya Amazing Thailand, players no longer need to worry about where to make money during 918KISS maintenance. Enjoy and good luck.

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