Xe88 Casino War

The Person Who Resign After Winning RM80,000

Casino War

Xe88 Casino War
Xe88 Casino War

I’m sure the 918Kiss players will be bored lately because their favorite APK is still under maintenance. Today I’d like to introduce one of the casino’s most famous table game – Casino War.

We also know that the Genting Casino has recently opened, but because of the epidemic, it is not recommended to go to crowded places. But now you just need to download the Xe88 APK to experience what it’s like to be in a casino.

Casino War Xe88 is probably the easiest casino game to play and the easiest to win money. This game is played with six-deck. Besides that, the card is ranked in the same way that poker games are rank with Aces being the highest card.

And because it’s the easiest game to play and win money. This table game is the most popular game in Xe88 to play. Besides that, although there aren’t any Jackpot or Free spins in the game. But the excitement in the game will lead you to love it.

How To Download Xe88 Casino War?

If you’re interested in playing this table game, you can download it from any Xe88 agent. On the other hand, this APK works on Android operating system and IOS version. So, you can download Xe88 APK as long as you have a mobile device.

But one thing to note is to make sure you download Xe88 from the official website. Because If you download it from a pirate website, I’m afraid your phone will get hacked. In addition, if you want to download it right away you can click here.

Don’t worry, we are the general agent of Xe88 Malaysia.

Xe88 CasinoWar Strategy And Tips

Xe88 Casino War Strategy
Xe88 Casino War Strategy
  • Avoid Making Side Bet: Never bet on the tie bet. Even though the multiple is 1:10. The percentage winning in a TIE bet is 2.78%. So, you’re really wasting your money if you are betting on a tie.
  • Don’t Surrender: It’s unwise to surrender even though you will only lose half of it. Why not be more confident in ourselves? Just click “War” if your card size is the same as the dealer. If you win on the raise, your original wager will be returned to you.
  • Aim for Ace Card: The largest card in Xe88 Casino War is the Ace. So, you have to concentrate on each round. Experienced Xe88 players have said that there will be about one Ace in 10 rounds. Well, but there is no guarantee as the dealer or player will receive the Ace. So, wish you good luck.
  • Set A Goal: Set a goal before you gamble as win how much you walk-away. Or lose how much you will have a rest and continue tomorrow.
  • Bet More Than A Side: There are five positions in this table game. To increase your winning ratio, you can click on other places and bet at the same time. So, you can share the risk, or you can win more if you’re lucky enough.

How To Play Xe88 CasinoWar?

Official Xe88 APK Malaysia
Official Xe88 APK Malaysia
  • Firstly, click on the chips to place a bet. Well, right click if you want to remove the chips.
  • Click the DEAL button when you’ve decided to bet.
  • The Xe88 dealer and the Xe88 player both draw a card. If your card is higher, you win. But if the Xe88 dealer’s card higher, you lose your bet and the round is over. Click NEW GAME if you want to start a new round.
  • If the dealer’s and player’s card are equal, you can either SURRENDER or go to WAR.


Hopefully after reading this article will help you in the game. Lastly, if you have other Xe88 gaming tips or tricks, you can share them with us in the comments section below. Thank you.

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