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Cat Queen

Cat Queen Slot Pussy888 Android APK
Cat Queen Slot Pussy888 Android APK

Cat Queen is a slot machine game authorize by Pussy888 and PlayTech. That’s why gamers can find this slot game in Pussy888. 

Moreover, Playtech is the most famous online gambling development company in the world. Its market value is about 1.508 billion USD. Such a famous big company has teamed up with Pussy888. So, if you haven’t tried this slot game yet, quickly give it a try.

Working with Pussy888 this time has also been a breakthrough for Playtech. Because along the way Playtech’s only supported the computer version of the gambling game.

But this time, the Cat Queen slot which developed in collaboration with Pussy888 is now playable on the mobile device. So which means, no matter you’re on an Android operating system or IOS system; you can now enjoy this exclusive slot game.

Play Cat Queen Slot In Pussy888 For Free

Free Game Pussy888 Malaysia
Free Game Pussy888 Malaysia

The slot game uses a traditional slot machine method which has 4 rows and 5 reels. On the other hand, it has 40 ways to compensate. It’s such rich gameplay that you can play it all day without getting bored.

Likewise, the game is really challenging, I recommend you to teamed up with your friend. This is a slot machine with a rich Egyptian flavor. And those of you who haven’t been to Egypt can try this slot game. Moreover, due to the rich picture quality and background music, you will be feeling like traveling in Egypt.

On the other hand, because Pussy888 was the first company to bring all the Egyptian culture and customs into the game.  So this slot is by far the most played game by Pussy888 players.

How To Win In Pussy888 APK Mobile Slot?

Odds Table PUSSY888 APK Original
Odds Table PUSSY888 APK Original

As the saying goes, to win a war, you have to know your enemy well. Likewise, this method goes to gambling too. Think of Pussy888 APK as your enemy.

So, learns the slot symbols of the game and the features of each button in the game before you start playing with real money. By clicking the “Help” section you can get all the information you need in order to win the game.

Moreover, from the odds table t we know that if you want to win big, you need to strive as much Wild symbol as you can. Because it’s coefficient is 1,000 times.

Well, imagine if you successfully strive 5 Wild symbols when you are betting RM30; you will win RM30,000 and receive 20 free spins. It’s exciting to think about it right?

Not only will you be able to experience a trip to Egypt but also winning money in Pussy888 APK. Why are you hesitating if there is such an impressive mobile slot in Malaysia?

Pussy888 Cat Queen Slot Gamble Game

Not satisfied after winning in slot game? Well, you can try this mini-game. This mini-game will jump out at the lower right corner every time you win a round at the slot machine.

Clicking on it will bring up the above image:

  • Pussy888 player may choose gamble the “entire” or “half” amount of your current win.
  • Correct guesses pay even money.
  • But if you lost, the winning will all lost and the feature will end.


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