Tricks To Win Jackpot In Xe88 Latest Slot Game


New Slot Game Xe88 Caveman
New Slot Game Xe88 Caveman

I’m sure you all know what does Caveman means. In this age of technology, you may have forgotten about the ancient way of life. So, in Xe88 APK you can learn about the ancient way of life and all kinds of primitive animals.

Well, playing the Xe88 mobile slot game not only can win money. In addition, it’s also can let you learn about the ancient way of life. Cool right?

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New Slot Game: Caveman Xe88

Xe88 Caveman Mobile Slot Game Malaysia
Xe88 Caveman Mobile Slot Game Malaysia

Well, if you want to win big in casino slot games, you need to study and understand the pay lines. There are 25 pay lines in this slot game. So, it is kinda easy to understand for beginners.

In order to win in this slot game, the winning combinations must start from the left reel. Besides that, the symbols have to be on consecutive reels as well. Except for the scatters, because 3 scatters can directly initiate the “TIME FOR DINNER” bonus game (5 FREE SPINS). In addition, your winning will be double at every spin.

Awesome slot game right? So, what are you waiting for? On the other hand, to attract more players to play this Xe88 new slot game. The Xe88 system will drop the jackpots frequently. Don’t miss your chance to win an ULTRA JACKPOT.

Odds Table Xe88 Mobile Slot Game

Odds Table Xe88 APK
Odds Table Xe88 APK

Unlike other slot machines, Xe88 has 2 “WILD” symbols. Which is “VOLCANO WILD” and “DOLMEN WILD” symbols. So, try your best to strive 5 “DOLMEN WILD” symbol, then you will receive the Jackpot.

In addition, if any 2 “VOLCANO WILD” symbol appears in one of the 25 valid pay lines, you will receive 22 free spins Xe88.

Lastly, make sure you click the “HELP” option and study the odds table too. So, you know which symbols you need to focus on, and you know which ones you want.

How To Win Jackpot In Xe88 Caveman?

If you want to win in Xe88, make sure you keep this in mind:

  • Never download Xe88 from a fake download site. Only download it from the official download site.
  • Make sure you change your Xe88 ID every week. Because new ID is slightly easier to get the random jackpot and free games.
  • Try to play the game at midnite 1 am because Xe88 admin won’t supervise the system during this time. In addition, the player is more likely to win during this period.

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