Xe88 Original APK Double Bonus Slot

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Double Bonus

Xe88 Double Bonus Slot Jackpot
Xe88 Double Bonus Slot Jackpot

I’m sure that you’re happiest when you’re winning in the slot machines. Everyone is the same. Well, today I am going to introduce one of the most exciting news for Xe88 slot lovers. Last month, XE88 APK develop a slot game called – DOUBLE BONUS.

As the name suggests, you have a chance to double your winnings with every bet you make which is one of the Xe88’s selling points. The theme for this slot game is gold. With its perfect graphic design and sound system quality, it attracts players of different ages.

Besides that, it’s also one of his most successful games by Xe88 APK. With at least 200,000 players playing it every day. Interested players can download Xe88 here. Not only you can play this game on your mobile devices, now you can download it and play on your computer.

20 Pay Lines – Easy Understand Xe88 Mobile Slot

Xe88 Android APK Original Pay Lines Table
Xe88 Android APK Original Pay Lines Table

Previous article we introduce the science fiction slot game. Today I would like to introduce the latest and most fun Xe88 slot game. Well, in DOUBLE BONUS XE88, there are 20 pay lines for you to spin the reel.

20 pay lines in the slot machine are relatively few lines. So, this slot game is very easy to understand. In addition, I suggest the Xe88 beginners try this slot game first after downloading the application.

On the other hand, you can find the pay lines table at the “HELP” option. So, try your best to memorize and study before you start playing. Lastly, there are WILD multiplier features in this slot game too.

If you form a combination of lines with the WILD multiplier, your win will be X2, X3, X6, or X8. It depends.

How To Win Big In Xe88 Original Double Bonus?

Xe88 Malaysia Slot Symbol
Xe88 Malaysia Slot Symbol

In order to win big in Double Bonus Xe88, you must try your best to strive for the “Jackpot” symbol. When you successfully strive 5 “Jackpot” symbol, you will win as much as RM128,000.

Besides that, there is also a “Scatter” symbol in this game. 5 “Scatter” symbol will trigger 10 free spins. Likewise, each free spins win will be multiplied 3 times.

In addition, the highest multiple in this slot game is the “$” symbol. Your betting amount will be multiple 400 times if you successfully strive 5 “$” symbols.

It’s a great slot game to play. Which easy to understand, and the combination can let you win a million. How can you not love Xe88 Double Bonus?

Final Thought

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