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Dragon Maiden

Dragon Maiden Slot 918Kiss Android APK
Dragon Maiden Slot 918Kiss Android APK

A dragon trend has been taking off in Asia recently, both in games and movies. Of course, 918Kiss APK has to follow this trend. And recently they developed a game called Dragon Maiden.

Unlike other slot machines, this game only has one Jackpot. In addition, the Jackpot prize amount is set at the RM128,000. So that’s why this slot game has been the hottest slot among all slot machines in 918Kiss APK.

On the other hand, this slot game is available on both mobile and desktop. So, those who are interested to download this dragon-themed slot machine, please get the original link via live chat.

In addition, the RTP of this slot game is as high as 97.33%. According to 918Kiss Enterprise insiders, this RTP will be lowered in a month. So. 918Kiss players who haven’t tried this game should take this opportunity to win a bunch of money.

Introduction 918Kiss Dragon Maiden Slot

Official 918Kiss Mobile Slot Pay Lines
Official 918Kiss Mobile Slot Pay Lines

Before you start betting on real money, let’s take a look at the game’s background and details. Just like the traditional slot machine, this game has 3 rows with 5 reels. On the other hand, it has 20 pay lines which is much lesser than the Pirate Ship slot that we talked about yesterday. So, I believe if you had tried to play 918Kiss Pirate Ship; this slot would be a piece of cake for y’all.

In addition, the symbols of the Dragon Maiden slot are all hand-painted by artists invited by 918Kiss from Paris, France. Besides that, the 3D motion of the graphic will makes you feel like you’re in a game. In addition, there’s a symbol that you need to pay attention to when you’re gambling; the most important symbol – Dragon Scatter.

Dragon scatter represents the free spins features in the slot game. So, if you want free spin, you need to focus on the Dragon scatter symbol. On the other hand, the ruby symbol is also a powerful symbol. Because this symbol has the highest coefficients among all symbols. Likewise, it is also the key to winning the big prize.

How To Win In 918Kiss Dragon Slot?

918Kiss Malaysia Odds Table
918Kiss Malaysia Odds Table
  • Adjust Your Bet Limit Frequently: Don’t play the game with the same amount of money all the time. Try to adjust your betting limit every 3 to 5 spins. It’s a great way to increase your winning ratio.
  • Restart Your Device Once You Start Losing: If you find that you start to lose, try deleting the 918Kiss APK and re-download it; or try rebooting your device. This method has no basis, but it works pretty well when I try it myself.
  • Ensure Your Capital Is Above RM100: Always make sure your 918Kiss game account has at least RM100. Because you need to have enough capital to win more and more at the gambling table.


A newly developed slot game is very easy to win money. So, I would recommend that 918Kiss players who want to win money try the Dragon Maiden slot machine first. Lastly, don’t be afraid to try it just because it’s new. Be confident in yourself, good luck.

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