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Fashion Slot

Original 918Kiss Fashion Slot
Original 918Kiss Fashion Slot

A lot of female readers recently complained to me about not having a little feminine content. So, today I’m going to give back to female readers. 918Kiss recently developed a game called Fashion slot, which is mainly played by female players.

It makes me feel very surprised. After all, the market has no developers to make this move yet. But the move has greatly promoted 918Kiss female gamers to download the game.

Moreover, we know girls like to shop. Likewise, 918Kiss developer knew this too. So, he put all kinds of famous brand into the 918Kiss Fashion slot. Although you can’t get rid of your purchase desire in this game, you can definitely win money in 918Kiss Fashion and buy what you want.

Well, I believe you are curious about what’s so interesting about this game. So, just continue reading, then you will find your answer!

Enjoy The 918Kiss 20 Pay Lines: Paris Fashion Slot Show

918Kiss Free Download Odds Table
918Kiss Free Download Odds Table

I believe that the dream of many girls in the life is to see the fashion show in Paris. After all, we all know that Paris is trend of fashion heaven.

In fact, every famous brand has its own story behind it. We should not blindly follow the brand myth, but at least have some understanding of its creator while pursuing the famous brand.

So, playing the 918Kiss Fashion slot will definitely change your opinion of branded stuff. I also believe that a lot of girls have a model’s dream. After all, which girl doesn’t love to dress up beautifully?

Of course, Fashion 918Kiss not only can satisfy your purchase desire but also can achieve your model dream. After all, the realistic stage effect, as if they were walking in the show and enjoying the public attention.

Choose Your Favourite Brand In 918Kiss

Official 918Kiss Mobile Slot Malaysia
Official 918Kiss Mobile Slot Malaysia

Anyone who has ever played a slot machine knows that a complete slot machine game must be made up of a variety of symbols. So that, each brand symbol has its own coefficient. Just choose your favorite brand and focus on it.

Besides that, although the 918Kiss Fashion slot only has 20 pay lines, its grand prize is no less than other slot machines. For me, my favorite brand is Louis Vuitton. If I ‘m able to strive 5 Louis Vuitton symbol, the coefficient I get will be 1,800 times.

On the other hand, there’s a bonus game in Fashion 918Kiss. If you have more than two of any symbol that shows up on the reel; and also with the Rolex Wild symbol, your coefficient will be double. So, now you know what to do if you want to win big money.

Free Game Feature In 918Kiss Fashion Slot

Well, just like other slot game, 918Kiss Fashion does has a free game feature too. When three or more Channel symbols (Scatter) appear on the reel, the player will receive 15 free games.

Besides that, during the free game period, if the Rolex symbol (Wild) appears too, the prizes will be 2X, 3X, or 4X times. That’s the essence of the game and combo.


Last but not least, today’s article is to introduce the symbol and origin of the Official 918Kiss Fashion slot. Of course, if you want to know how to win in 918Kiss more easily, you can click here.

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