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Magnum 4D

Official 918Kiss Apk Original
Official 918Kiss Apk Original

I believe most people have bought 4D magnum before. But winning the 4D lottery is never easy. I also believe that most people pick the license plate number from a recent car accident then rushing to buy the lottery ticket.

This was a waste of money because Magnum 4D had a certain calculating format. You could mathematically calculate the number of the day’s draw.

This calculation method has been very popular in Malaysia over the years. In addition, 918Kiss Malaysia has helped a lot of customers win prizes with RM1 in Magnum.

How To Buy Magnum 4D Online?

I am very sorry to tell you that we do not provide sales service, but we will give 4D to customers as a gift. In order to get free 4D, you need to register as a member of the trusted online casino – 918Kiss Malaysia.

Besides that, the RM1 4D lottery ticket will be given if the player has played 918KISS APK MALAYSIA after registration. Players don’t have to worry about being cheated as the lottery results are based on the Official Magnum Malaysia.

Even though, we could make a lot of money with the 4D prediction formula that we’ve devised. But we choose to gift the players free 4D because we wanted to thank them for supporting us these years.

This is why 918Kiss Malaysia has become one of the famous online casinos in Malaysia.

How Much Is The 4D Prizes?

Make sure you match the 4D number on the official Magnum website at 7 pm every night. Because the Official 918Kiss is giving away a RM 1 lottery ticket, so the prize will be:

  • First Prize: RM2,500
  • Second Prize: RM1,000
  • Third Prize: RM500
  • Consolation Prize: RM180

Why Magnum 4D?

There are so many 4D lottery companies out there, for example, Da ma Cai 4D, Sabah 4D, Sandakan 4D, and Sports Toto 4D. But why did we choose Magnum? It was because its jackpot amount was higher.

If the customer wins, Magnum would give away an extra 10%.

How To Win A 4D?

You can make it determine your lucky number for today from the 4D prediction platform. Or you can click on the customer service chat box in the lower right corner to ask them what 4D number that might win today. Besides that, buying IBOX is also a good choice.

Lastly, you have to register as a member and we will do everything we can to make you win. Click here if you want to study about 918Kiss Great Blue Hacking Tips.

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