Download MEGA888 Malaysia To Help Covid-19 Patients

MEGA888 Malaysia – You Are Helping Covid-19 Patients By Downloading MEGA888

A lot has happened in 2020. In particular, the epidemic caused many people to lose their relatives and jobs. In order to help these people, MEGA888 Malaysia has launched an event. As long as a Malaysian downloads MEGA888 Malaysia, the official will donate RM100 to the Covid-19 foundation.

This move touched many Malaysians. Because it is not easy for everyone during this epidemic. Especially a big company like MEGA888. They need to pay huge company expenses every month. But at this time they are willing to help those in need.

Who Is MEGA888 Malaysia?

The founder of MEGA888 Malaysia is a Malaysian. His name is Michael Tan. He started recruiting in 2017 and his team developed MEGA888. In just three short years, MEGA888 has become a household mobile slot game in Asia.

People will ask why MEGA888 has so many titles. Because some people call it MEGA888 Android, MEGA888 original, MEGA888 Apk, and MEGA888 Malaysia. What is the difference between them? In fact, there is no difference. They are all the same mobile slot Apk. Since Asia is very wide, each country has a different title. Therefore, no matter what the title is, the download method is the same.

888 means wealth in the Chinese meaning. And mega means big. MEGA888 Malaysia is called by Michael tan first. He is a patriot. Gambling in Muslim countries is illegal. But because he pays huge taxes every year, the government allows him to operate in Malaysia.

Why do you say he is patriotic? Many people do not know that he paid more than one million to the government to save the Malaysian economy during the 1997 economic storm. Besides, this year he also supported the government more than 2 million due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

How MEGA888 Malaysia Help Covid-19 Patients?

In order to repay the support of the players over the years, the official MEGA888 decided to help covid 19 patients. Moreover, MEGA888 Malaysia understands the side effects of COVID-19.

Even if your condition does not worsen, you will still have long-term muscle aches, headaches, loss of taste, and hair loss problems. All kinds of problems will cause inconvenience to patients. Therefore, MEGA888 has set up a foundation. If a player downloads MEGA888, they will donate RM100 to the foundation.

These funds are used to distribute every month to MEGA888 players who are self-cultivating but not working. Furthermore, players who have lost their families due to the epidemic can also apply for subsidies.

1. Foundation

MEGA888 Foundation
MEGA888 Foundation

The purpose of the foundation is to help patients overcome difficulties. Besides, there are many mobile slot APK in Malaysia. But no online casino is willing to lend a helping hand at this time. Instead, only MEGA888 has established a foundation to give back to players.

2. Christmas Gift

Free Credit During Christmas
Free Credit During Christmas

Anyone who goes online on Christmas will get a bonus from MEGA888 Malaysia. The amount of bonus is based on the date the player joined MEGA888. This bonus is a subsidy to players in need, and it is also a reward to wealthy players.

3. Help Pay Half The Cost Of The Vaccine

MEGA888 Will Pay Half Of The Vaccine Cost
MEGA888 Will Pay Half Of The Vaccine Cost

The COVID-19 vaccine will arrive in Malaysia in January 2021. It is said that the price of the vaccine is very expensive. The cost of a dose is about RM920.

Although this amount is not expensive for some people. But for some families, it is their family’s monthly expenses. Therefore, as long as the average family income is less than 3000, MEGA888 Malaysia will help pay for half of the vaccine cost.

4. Free Credit MEGA888 Malaysia


If you are interested in MEGA888 but do not have extra money to gamble. You can apply for the official MEGA888 free credit. But this discount is only for new players. If you have played MEGA888 before, you cannot apply for this offer.


In fact, the mobile slots on the market are all the same. But among the many choices, I would choose MEGA888 Malaysia. Not because Michael tan is Malaysian. It is that he has not been arrogant because of his success. But has been helping Malaysia’s economic development and helping people in need. All we can do is to download MEGA888 in return for his favor.

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