Is Online Casino Going To Be Legal In Malaysia

MEGA888 Online Casino – Is MEGA888 Going To Be Legal In Malaysia?

Introduction on MEGA888 online casino

Ask any online casino gamer who is the best online casino in 2020 and without any hesitation, all would say MEGA888 online casino. MEGA888 online casino has been in the online casino circle for a few years now. But in 2019 and 2020 it shot to fame and popularity becoming the best online casino in Malaysia. Many are still pondering on how MEGA888 online casino was able to achieve this during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is not wrong to say that the success of MEGA888 online casino is mainly because of Michael Tan. As an IT developer and an avid casino gamer, Michael saw great prospects in the online casino gaming business in Malaysia.

He started his own company with a team of 10. And through their hard work and dedication, it bloomed. They made awesome video games for others and soon for themselves. Thus, MEGA888 online casino came into the limelight.

Michael’s story is very inspiring to many Malaysians. And as Michael’s way of giving back to the economy, he gives out the MEGA888 Angpao regularly. There are so many success stories on the internet and in newspapers about Malaysians winning the jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao.

Let’s Dive Deeper To MEGA888 online casino

Hottest Provider In Malaysia - MEGA888 Online Casino
Hottest Provider In Malaysia – MEGA888 Online Casino

Currently, life without MEGA888 Online Casino is a big bore for many online gamers. The casino was once a taboo word but now it has become a favorite and joyful household word to Malaysians and Asians. MEGA888 Online Casino has been in the gaming arena for a few years now.

But in 2020, it shot to fame and became the hottest played online mobile casino. Some say it is because of the Covid-19 pandemic that MEGA888 Online Casino reached the top. Whereas others say that it is through the hard work, Michael Tan the founder had put into making MEGA888 Online Casino a big success.

To be truthful here, both of the opinions stated by many above are true. Covid-19 pandemic taught many people the value of making money by staying at home and MEGA888 Online Casino did its fair share in assisting Malaysians to get this money.

MEGA888 Online Casino provides the best experience any online casino gamer would want. It gives great thematic audiovisual gameplay, a variety of slot, table, and arcade games, huge winning for small bets, bonuses in the form of jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao, great customer support, and easy-breezy payouts. With all these, why wouldn’t MEGA888 Online Casino be the top in Malaysia?

What Is The Best MEGA888 Online Casino Slot Game?

As stated above slot games are a big hit and favorite for their various themed games and high win rate among online casino gamers. But if you were to ask which is the Best Slot Game, that is going to be a little bit difficult. Therefore, we can name 3 slot games that are the best for any gamer to try. They are:

Easy Win MEGA888 Online Casino Slot Game - Greatblue
Easy Win MEGA888 Online Casino Slot Game – Greatblue

Taking gamers deep down to the depths of the great open ocean. Great Blue is an online video slot game available on the MEGA888 APK. The underwater nautical-themed slot features a modern 5-reel, 25-pay line grid format with an RTP of over 96%, thus making it a rewarding playing experience for all.

Sun Wukong 
Sun Wukong MEGA888 Slot Game
Sun Wukong MEGA888 Slot Game

MEGA888 Sun Wukong slot machine game is a 5-axis 15 pay line slot game based on the legendary Chinese Monkey King. This is a unique game that offers four jackpots for players to play with, which is what most slot gamers dream of.

Dolphin Reef
Slot Game MEGA888 Online Casino - Dolphin Reef
Slot Game MEGA888 Online Casino – Dolphin Reef

Fancy diving into the depths of the ocean to hunt sunken treasures. Dolphin Reef is a 5-reel online slot found on the popular MEGA888 Malaysia. While swimming amongst the vivid, colorful reef, you’ll get to observe a myriad of dolphins, turtles, clownfish, sea horses, starfish, and more! As well, you’ll be paid handsomely for spotting and landing on their tile, depending on your luck of course.

These 3 slot games are the best because of the following reasons:

1. It is simple operation of the game interface.
2. MEGA888 has great Support for Android and iOS systems.
3. It is easy to play and win platform with rich wins odds, easy to win big wins.
4. The highest jackpot among mobile slot APK.
5. It has vivid, beautiful game graphics and background music.

Can You Win Money In MEGA888 Online Casino?

This question runs in the mind of many gamers who wish to join MEGA888 Online Casino. It is not wrong to ponder on such things when joining an online casino as your hard-earned money is going to be in use. Before you invest your money in MEGA888 Online Casino, it is best to review articles on MEGA888 Online Casino I the newspapers and the internet. During the Covid19 pandemic lockdowns in Malaysia, so many have won the jackpot and the MEGA888 Angpao.

Of course, the gamers’ dedication and hard work played a big role but it was also MEGA888 Online Casino’s way of giving back to the community at a gloomy time like this. More Jackpots and more MEGA888 Angpao made many winners. This helped out many Malaysians during this hard time.

The main thing to note here is that if you want to play the games at MEGA888 Online Casino, it has to be an authorized one. There are many scammers out there waiting to grab your money and disappear overnight. So, let us look at the Top 3 MEGA888 Online Casinos in Malaysia.

Top 3 Online Casino In Malaysia

1. Joker13
Top 1 Online Casino In Malaysia - Joker13
Top 1 Online Casino In Malaysia – Joker13

Joker13 offers the best online casino experience in Malaysia with accountability, reliability, and trustworthiness. Furthermore, Joker13 continues to strive for strong and impressive progress in the online betting industry. Offering convenience in payments, quick withdrawals, generous reward bonus for customers, and attractive promotions. Therefore, you will get to experience all slot, table, and live dealer games. Besides, Joker13 has the broadest possible choice of markets on Live sports.

Top 2 Online Casino In Malaysia -
Top 2 Online Casino In Malaysia – gives responsible gaming to its gamers. The gamers experience the fun and thrill of every game they partake in and the opportunity to win and gain money. Moreover, the gaming environment is safe and secure, thus the protects gamers’ privacy.

3. Pappakaya
Top 3 Online Casino In Malaysia - Pappakaya
Top 3 Online Casino In Malaysia – Pappakaya

Pappakaya has always one goal which is to constantly better itself amidst the competition to become one of the industry’s leading gambling websites of today. With this goal, Pappakaya has become a fair, reasonable, safe, reliable, accurate, and efficient money transaction platform, with 24 by 7 support for active users.

How Do I Choose A Good MEGA888 Online Casino?

How To Choose A Good MEGA888 Agent
How To Choose A Good MEGA888 Agent

The only way to choose A Good MEGA888 Online Casino is through hard work and dedication. Just like putting in your 100% in doing anything, you need to put in 100% effort in finding. Therefore, where to start? Here is a list of things you can do to get a good platform.

Firstly, do some research on the internet. Search for authorized MEGA888 dealers and chat with them. Moreover, if the dealer you choose has a live chat team, they are already one step ahead of the rest. Ask all the questions in your mind as the live chat team is there to answer all your doubts and queries.

Secondly, read reviews and forums on the authorized MEGA888 online casino. Through reading, you will be able to gauge the authenticity of the dealer.

Thirdly, speak to friends and relatives who are avid online casino gamers. They will have a lot o tell, help, and guide you.

Which Casino Game Has The Best Odds?

In MEGA888 Online Casino’s pretext, the slot games give the best odds. The slot games are easy to play and the bets are small. But the winnings are usually huge and lucrative.

What does MEGA888 online casino offer that other online casinos don’t?

MEGA888 Online Casino Benefits
MEGA888 Online Casino Benefits

While Michael worked as an IT developer he also doubled up as an agent for a famous online casino. He learned all the ropes in handling an online casino business. And this must have been his inspiration in providing so many great experiences in MEGA888 online casino. Therefore, what are the great experiences that gamers get from?

Professional Customer Support

Firstly, MEGA888 made sure that it gave the best customer service support experience like no other online casinos. It had experienced service representatives who have been thoroughly trained. They could solve all issues and problems faced by gamers.

On the other hand, the support team was available 24 by 7 on a rotational basis and they were ever ready to assist you in any way. The support team handled registration, cash deposits, and cash withdrawals as well. A one-stop solution Centre.

Easy Process

Secondly, registering is an easy process. No long and difficult forms to fill up and documents to submit. Just approach the support team and within minutes your registration would be over. The power to play MEGA888 will be in your hands instantly.

Variety Of Casino Games

Thirdly, a variety of slot, table, and arcade casino games are yours for keeps through 1 installer for android and apple mobile devices. These games give great audiovisual effects that captivate the hearts of the young and old.

There will never be a day of boredom as the games are thematic based on Chinese or western folklore that gamers can relate to. Furthermore, many stay rooted in their seats playing these adventurous online casino games for hours.

Learn more: Learn more about MEGA888 Best Games.

Ease Withdraw In MEGA888 Online Casino

Fourthly, the ease of withdrawing your winnings. Once again the support team will play their part here. After some simple verification, they will wire the money to your local bank account. It’s a great experience all gamers want and get for sure from MEGA888.

Is MEGA888 Online Casino Going To Be Legal In Malaysia?

With all these great things said about MEGA888 online casino. Is it going to be legal in Malaysia? Well, actually for a start MEGA888 online casino is a licensed online casino in Malaysia and Asia. How is this possible in an Islamic country like Malaysia, you may ask?

To be truthful, MEGA888 is not violating any Islamic laws in Malaysia. Malaysian Islamic law states that physical buildings to house casinos cannot be in areas that people live in. Thus, that is why Genting Highlands casino is high up in the mountains away from society, and not causing any detrimental effects on Malaysians.

MEGA888 is an online casino and has no physical appearance in Malaysia or Asia. This alone is a winning factor for MEGA888. Therefore, why this question of becoming legal popping up now? Let us take a look.

1. Covid-19 impact on Genting Highlands casino

How Covid-19 Impact Genting Casino
How Covid-19 Impact Genting Casino

Covid-19 pandemic has caused many big players in Malaysia to wind up their business and Genting Highlands is no exception. Moreover, with all the New Normal rules laid down and maintaining social distancing, Genting cannot survive. No one can and will go there to play the games as it violates all the New Normal rules. As of now, Genting Highland casino remains closed and Genting has teamed up with Joker13 to go online. As we all know that Joker13 is another brainchild of Michael Tan the founder of MEGA888.

2. Good source of income for the Malaysian government

Malaysia Government Extra Income
Malaysia Government Extra Income

At this period the Malaysian government welcomes any form of assistance it can get from companies to boost the economy. Moreover, if MEGA888 online casino is made legal, the government can collect taxes from it although it has no physical appearance here.

The government will find it easy to manage online casino as there are no legal casinos in Malaysia besides Genting Highlands. Also, this reduces a lot of scammers from budding and the government can easily track down these illegal activities.

3. Boost to the economy

How MEGA888 Online Casino Boost Malaysia Economy
How MEGA888 Online Casino Boost Malaysia Economy

Genting Highlands has been a tourist attraction for years. With this pandemic, their business is going downhill and might even close down. At least if MEGA888 online casino becomes legal, many tourists can partake in the games and win.

4. A digital era

We are living in a digital era now with social media controlling us. Digital marketing rules and captivates the heart of many. Furthermore, with the advent of 5G technology, traditional casinos are no longer popular with everyone.

Now everyone has a mobile device and all online casino games are playable on it. Plus no one wants to go out because of the impact of the pandemic.

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