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MEGA888 Online – Find Out How Amzah Win RM75K In MEGA888

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Click To Claim 50% Welcome Bonus
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Click To Download MEGA888 Online

MEGA888 online is the hero of this story. And many need to hear and learn from his story. Amazon’s parents had 5 kids and Amzah was the eldest. His father was a pump attendant at Shell gas station and his mother was a typical housewife who helped to sell Malay traditional breakfast snacks to make ends meet. Being the eldest in the family Amzah was a responsible boy. He would get up early and help his mother to prepare the breakfast snacks that his mum was preparing. Then he would dress up and go with her to a spot near his school, where she often sold her snacks. This was such a boring routine for Amzah daily.  Growing up in a middle-class family is tough and difficult.

Time went by and Amzah sat for his S.P.M (Secondary school leaving exams). He did very well but his father fell ill and passed away. Therefore, Amzah had no choice but to stop his education and go to work to support his mother and 4 siblings. Thus, started Amzah’s working life as a helpdesk agent. Amzah had a strong interest in playing games. Be it card games, phone games, or online games, Amzah showed great passion and always ended winning.

Amzah Started To Download MEGA888 Online

Find Out Amzah Started To Play MEGA888 Online

At his workplace, Amzah always played with his games on his smartphone during break time. His close colleague, Ivan noticed this and introduced MEGA888 online. A whole new world opened its door for Amzah. Ivan showed all the slots, table games, and video games on MEGA888. And Amzah became extremely glued to them. Since Ivan was a MEGA888 member, he easily got Amzah registered through the great customer support team who was available 24 by 7. Besides, the entire registering process only took 15 mins and upon successful verification, Amzah got his username and password through his email account.

What pleased Amzah most was that as a welcome gesture many bonuses came his way. Moreover, the best of all the perks given was the free credits. All Amzah had to do to claim the free credits was to sign up as a member with MEGA888 online. The customer support team automatically deposited the free credits to Amzah’s account. This thrilled Amzah a lot and he could not wait to try all the games.

Mega888 Gameplay

Began To Gamble

Amzah logged in to MEGA888 and a colorful world of sight and sound appeared in front of his eyes. Also, Ivan was beside him and was slowly guiding Amzah. The first rule of thumb that Ivan told me was to seek help from the customer support team. Moreover, they would be at your beck and call all day long. The second rule of thumb was to seek advice from the support team on any games. They would give good advice on which games gave the most profit when played. The third rule was to play a single game a few times to learn the art of strategizing and winning. Ivan even suggested that the free credits by MEGA888 online are for testing purposes. Amzah listened to Ivan attentively and noted all these important tips down.

Amzah went home and that night when all his family members were asleep. He played his first game – Golden Monkey MEGA888. He used the free credits given to him but he had to place a minimum deposit to get started. He seeks the help of the support team and he process too only 10 mins. On his first try, Amzah lost his bet. He did not feel so much as he was using the free credits. Just then Ivan’s words came to his mind that he has to play a game a few times and learn the strategy for winning.

Winning Jackpot In MEGA888

Finally Won In MEGA888 Online Malaysia

This went on for a few nights and finally, Amzah understood what Ivan told him. Amzah’s strategy was to play a single game at least 100 times starting with a RM 1 bet. And then slowly building up the bet level. Also, he realized that this strategy worked and he kept raising the bet as he went on. There were a few losses but suddenly the wind changed and he was winning most of the best in the game. Therefore, he kept telling himself not to be greedy but he couldn’t control his feelings. He kept going until his 99th turn and suddenly the jackpot round popped up.

Amzah sat frozen on his bed. He took a drink and played on. Suddenly, the phone was buzzing and clinking with the sound of victory. He had won RM 75k at the jackpot round. He couldn’t believe his eyes and sat there staring at the screen. Amzah quickly got in touch with the support team. They did a few verifications with him and congratulated him on winning RM 75k. He didn’t know what to do and woke up his mother. She was full of praises for her son but at the same time not sure if this was true or a scam.

The next day Amzah logged in and saw the RM 75k in his MEGA888 account. He approached the support team and within 30 mins the money was in Amzah’s local bank account.

In A Nutshell

Till today all this is a dream for Amzah. He distributed his RM 75K among 4 of them to help them out for their education. Amzah did not quit his job. He continued working and used his share of the money to attend evening part-time classes to further his studies. Furthermore, he also ensured that his siblings got the best in education. Till today Amzak still plays MEGA888 games and has become a professional at it. His biggest lesson learned was to play continuously and be patient as one day you will reap your profits in MEGA888 online.

This is based on a true story. Just like Gina, MEGA888 online has changed many people’s life.

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