Reasons You Should Download MEGA888 Original

MEGA888 Original – 7 Reasons You Should Download MEGA888 Original | By Joker13

Soon we are about to move towards 2021. 2021 is a brand new year. With the development of digital technology, the MEGA888 original has also become one of the favorite games of Malaysians. Today, let us talk about 7 reasons why you should download the MEGA888 original.

1. They Often Organize Charity Event

Every month, the MEGA888 team will go to 13 states in Malaysia to do good deeds. However, this charity activity has ceased since April this year due to the impact of the epidemic. Besides, MEGA888 Original did not sit idle in their spare time.

They invested about one million in helping who were unemployed due to the epidemic. The news comes from the Malaysian Online Casino Association (MOCA). Such a caring mobile slot game, why do you not love him?

2. Support Local Brand By Downloading MEGA888 Original

It is our duty to be patriotic as the Malaysian people. But love in action is more practical than a mouth. Therefore, ensure you only download MEGA888 from the official download site.

But recently, many unscrupulous companies have developed the MEGA888 clone for muddled players. Moreover, the theme of their adverts is high remuneration and high probability of getting MEGA888 Angpao.

Many players have been cheated. In order to prevent more players from being deceived. If you want to download the MEGA888 original, please go to

3. Better Server With MEGA888 Original

MEGA888 Vs. 918Kiss Speed Server Testing
MEGA888 Vs. 918Kiss Speed Server Testing

MEGA888 puts the locked ethnic group age at 25-45. In order for players who are not familiar with technology to master MEGA888 well. They have simplified the homepage especially.

Moreover, the loading speed has been reduced from 9 seconds to 2 seconds. During this epidemic, a lot of players started to download the MEGA888 original. Therefore, in order to cope with the increasing number of players, they increased the application server database. Now the MEGA888 original database has evolved to allow 1 million people to go online at the same time.

4. Who Doesn’t Like Winning In Gambling?

Win Rate Between MEGA888 Original And MEGA888 Clone
Win Rate Between MEGA888 Original And MEGA888 Clone

According to the information released by the Malaysian Online Casino Association (MOCA), the original MEGA888 has a 70% higher win rate than the MEGA888 clone. So we are here to advise every player to check carefully when downloading MEGA888.

You can confirm your version of APK by logging in to the MEGA888 test id. Because the MEGA888 clone does not support the test id function. Furthermore, the MEGA888 clone will not be responsible for any bug issues during the game. So players please choose carefully when you are downloading the mobile slot APK. Don’t regret the loss because of a moment of negligence.

5. 24 Hours Professional Customer Support

Satisfaction Review By 100,000 Players
Satisfaction Review By 100,000 Players

To ensure that players are assisted when they need it most. The original MEGA888 has 24-hour online customer service. Therefore, no matter you are at any time, including public holidays, if you encounter problems during the game, the customer service will help you answer them online.

On the other hand, MEGA888 officially stipulates that customer service must solve and answer player questions within 60-90 seconds.

Every year, the Malaysian Online Casino Association counts players’ satisfaction with the customer service of the Malaysian mobile slot. According to the 2020 report, 66,000 out of 100,000 players are satisfied with the service of MEGA888 customer support.

6. Incoming New Christmas Version Update Of MEGA888 Original

Christmas Promotion Online Casino
Christmas Promotion Online Casino

As the most popular mobile slot in Malaysia, MEGA888 will launch new games and change the page design every festive season. Just like shopping malls, no matter what festival is coming, you can feel the strong festive atmosphere. Moreover, not only is the page and game changes. But they will also give out Christmas gifts which are MEGA888 Angpao on Christmas Day.

7. 2021 New ID Free Spin Feature

Free Spin MEGA888
Free Spin MEGA888

Players, please note that from January 1st to 15th, 2021, every player will receive a free credit after logging in to their account. This free credit is to compensate the players who had difficulties during this epidemic. Also thanked everyone for their support during these years.


From the above seven reasons, if I still can’t convince you to download the MEGA888 original, then you should not be suitable to play mobile slot. A mobile slot that can be balanced in business and charity, I believe there is no second in Malaysia. After reading this article, I hope to give you a deeper understanding of the MEGA888 original. If you have any questions, please feel free to raise them below.

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