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Today I’d like to introduce to you the highest-rated slot machine in Southeast Asia – Mega888. Although Mega-888 only started in the gambling industry in 2017; but in just three years it has grown to become the most popular gambling game in Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei.

On the other hand, due to its presence affecting the position of the 918Kiss. But it is good to have competition. So, that people can make progress and improve in order to avoid losing their customers.

What’s more, the rise of online gambling platforms in recent years has reduced the number of visitors to land-based casinos. Wonder what attracts these players? Let’s find out together now!

What Is Mega888?

Mega-888 is the perfect online gambling center that everyone dreams of. Which is why it has become the favorite game of southeast Asian players among so many different types of products.

The reason why it can become a favorite by players so quickly is because it’s so easy to enjoy. Moreover, no matter what your age, new player or old player, you will be sure to use it as soon as you try it. Because of its simple interface and super high winning ratio, it has a group of loyal players in just three years. Impressive right?

On the other hand, more than two million players have downloaded the game over the past three years. More importantly, Mega888 has not cheated any player for so long.

Last but not least, if you want to see proof of customer winning, you’re always welcome to contact us. We’ll be happy to send it to you.

Mega888 Gambling Tips

Although this is the best platform in Southeast Asia. But the only way to win money in this game is through some gambling skills and knowledge. Online gambling is 20% about luck, and the remaining 80% depends on the players’ own strength.

So I will share with you some tips that experienced players will use, but it is not guaranteed to work every time. You are welcome to learn and try if you are interested.

  • Don’t play the same game all the time, try to play another game every five minutes unless you win money in the first place.

  • If you lose money, change your account immediately. Players have the right to change their accounts indefinitely.

  • If you find that you keep losing money no matter what game you play, try deleting the game and re-downloading it or simply rebooting the phone.

  • Although you can now download Mega888 on all platforms. But only genuine Mega-888 will allow you to win money. So, make sure your game is downloaded from the official website.

  • Make sure you have a solid Internet connection when you gamble. Because poor network connection can affect the player’s gaming experience.

  • If conditions allow, try to use Android phones to download Mega888. Because Android phones have a higher win rate.

  • Players can ask the customer service executive for their opinion before gambling. To find out which games are more likely to win money today.

Maintenance Of Mega888

In fact, every platform has regular maintenance, and Mega-888 is no exception. In order to ensure the best game experience for players all the time, we also have regular maintenance. Most of the maintenance can be completed within one day, unless there is a special big production.

On the other hand, we will not give the player any notice before the maintenance. Please forgive us if we have caused you any inconvenience.

How To Download Mega888 On Mobile Device?

As long as you have a cell phone, you can click on the download button above. Moreover, the game support Android and IOS users. The download way is very simple; players just need to have a stable Internet; then the download will be complete within five minutes. After downloading, you need to follow the on-screen instructions that we provide.

For new players, they need to register with the company to get into the game.

Can I Be An Agent Mega 888?

I believe that a lot of people want to earn extra income. Besides gamble, you can become one of our agents to earn more. To be a Mega888 agent you don’t need to have any superior conditions. The only requirement is that agent must be honest. You can’t cheat your referrals because it will damage our company’s reputation. So, if you want to be our agent, please make sure you have enough capital.

Why Mega888 Can Be So Popular?

No matter what you’re doing if you don’t improve you’re going to get knocked out one day. Therefore, Mega888 is updating every single day just to get a foothold in the online casino business. Let me tell you what’s good about it:

Various Bonus

In Mega 888 you can get a 20% or more bonus per deposit. This is what you can’t experience in a land-based casino.

Various Hacking Ways

If you’re caught gambling and cheating in a Las Vegas casino, you may be banned from entering the casino or even go to the police station. But at Mega 888, players can go online and search for the Mega888 hack. Furthermore, you are allowed to use whatever method you get on Google. Because there is no rule in the Mega888 official that says if you hack to win money, the amount will be void.

Perfect Test ID

The Mega888 casino provides a test ID for the players. To let them play and practice. Moreover, I believe Las Vegas can never do such a great benefit. Therefore, for those who haven’t join, why not try out the Mega888 test ID first?

Professional Customer Service

Besides preferential benefits, the second indispensable thing for a good platform is the existence of professional customer service. Professional customer service must able to help players to answer questions and solve problems. Mega888 does this perfectly. If you don’t believe it, try chatting with them via live chat.

What is happening in 2020
Malaysia's new coronavirus diagnosis rate continues to rise
Malaysia’s new coronavirus diagnosis rate continues to rise

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the whole world upside and caused many businesses to suffer and collapse in Malaysia and worldwide. But there is one name in the online casino industry that is flying high and mighty during this gloomy period. It is none other than MEGA888 online casino. Who is this MEGA888 online casino and what is its history?

Who are MEGA888 online casino and its history?


To know about MEGA888 online casino, you will have to know about Michael Tan. Michael was born in Taiping Perak, West Malaysia to dedicated and hardworking parents who ran a grocery shop. Their family was big and Michael being the eldest had many responsibilities to shoulder.

On weekdays after school, he would work in a bakery to earn some money to pay for himself and his siblings’ tuition fees. On weekends he would go to his parents’ grocery store and help out. What his parents earned was just enough to keep the family going. Being a dedicated and filial son, Michael helped out whenever and wherever he could.

Above all this Michael was a smart and intelligent student in school. Upon completing his SPM (High school leaving exam), Michael realized that there was no prospect in Taiping, education, and career-wise.

With his parents’ consent, he joined a college to do a 4-year degree in Information Technology (IT) in Kuala Lumpur. From a young age, Michael was an avid internet computer player, and taking this IT course made him enjoy it more.

He excelled in it and graduated with flying colors. He secured a job as an IT developer developing game videos. This doubled Michael’s happiness as this is where his interest was. He received a lot of awards from his superiors as the videos Michael created were extremely innovative and exciting. This got Michael thinking about starting his own business and so MT Ventures Sdn Bhd came into action with a team of 10.

This was the awakening of the MEGA888 online casino. During this period Michael was also a frequent casino player and so with his full heart and soul came up with MEGA888 games. It offered a lot of things that other online casinos were not offering. So, within a short period, MEGA888 shot to fame and now Michael is a billionaire.

Success Story Of Mega888

Successful Story of MEGA888 Founder - Michael Tan
Successful Story of MEGA888 Founder – Michael Tan

Recently the Malaysian government permitted Malaysians to withdraw their EPF through the EPF I-Sinar scheme to help them survive this covid period. Many had to take pay cuts and some even lost their jobs. This scheme by the government was like a boon to many.

One such person was Edwin. He withdrew the money and decided to double it if possible by playing at MEGA888 online casino. Luck was on Edwin’s side. Through a friend, he registered with MEGA888 and got the MEGA888 Test ID account. Edwin had read at that through playing with the Test ID account you will be able to learn many strategies.

So Edwin religiously learned all tips and tricks. One important tip was that to win the jackpot, you have to play a single game at least 100 times. You have to start the bet with RM 1 and work your way up. Within this 100 times, you will surely get the jackpot hit. So, Edwin did as he was told and to his surprise got 2 great winnings. One was a mini jackpot hit that gave him RM 25K and the other was the MEGA888 Angpao win of RM 8777. After these 2 wins, Edwin was full of praises for the MEGA888 online casino.

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