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How To Win RM150,000 In Ocean King 918KISS?

Ocean King

918Kiss Tembak Ikan
918Kiss Tembak Ikan

918KISS and SCR888 Ocean king, you can call it “TEMBAK IKAN” (in the Malay language), it’s a game that completely different from the slot machine. As you can see from the picture above it doesn’t have any reel and slot symbol.

The feature of Ocean King is, it has multiplayer mode therefore you will be competing with 3 other players under the ocean. Therefore, all 918Kiss players will be “shooting” fishing nets to catch as many fish as possible.

Ocean King 918Kiss Odds Table

Odds Table 918Kiss Ocean King
Odds Table 918Kiss Ocean King

There are many kinds of fish in this arcade game. You need to study the odds first so you know exactly which fish to shoot when you play this arcade game. As you can see the odds from the picture above.

How to Win Big In 918Kiss APK Malaysia?

  • First, make sure you download Original 918Kiss on your IOS devices.
  • Second, your game ID must be 11 digits. (If not you may request to change your ID with our 918Kiss agent).
  • With the two conditions above, now you need to make sure your mobile IOS version is IOS 13.4.1.
  • Before you start playing, ensure your 918Kiss game ID balance has at least RM300 or above.
  • Now, click in Ocean 918Kiss and start playing with minimum bet RM1, only aim for SEA TURTLE which it’s odds are x15.
  • When you successfully capture 10 sea turtle, you will trigger the hidden ability of sea turtle, which you will get a winning multiplier of 150,000 times your minimum bet.
  • Bingo! You won RM150,000. Be sure to keep in mind, this method only can be done once per 918Kiss account and device.

918Kiss Tembak Ikan Minimum And Maximum Bet

918Kiss Malaysia Betting Limit
918Kiss Malaysia Betting Limit
Official 918Kiss Betting Limit
Official 918Kiss Betting Limit

There is 3 kind mode of ocean king in 918Kiss APK. Likewise, different modes have different betting limits. Below is the betting limit:

  • 100 Times (x10 – x100)
  • 1000 Times (x100 – x1000)
  • 10000 Times (x1000 – x10000)
  1. x10 = RM0.10
  2. x100 = RM1
  3. x1000 = RM10
  4. x10000 = RM100

What Is The Use Of Special Crab In Ocean King 918Kiss?

Bomb Crab Ocean King 918Kiss APK
Bomb Crab Ocean King 918Kiss APK

In addition, the different special crab would have different effects. Also, each crab allows players to release one large area bomb and giving 918Kiss players higher chances to capture more fishes it’s just like a secret weapon.

Likewise, the more fishes you capture which mean you win more. So it’s better for you to click the “help” button inside the game and study before you started to play. You may also refer to the screenshot above.


In the final analysis, although the odds of 918Kiss Ocean King are attractive I don’t recommend beginners play this arcade as soon as they downloaded 918Kiss APK.

For a newbie, I suggest you start with the slot machine because if you play Ocean King you have to compete with three other competitors. Surely, senior 918Kiss players have a better experience than a newbie.

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