918Kiss Panther Moon Slot Review And Tips

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Panther Moon

918Kiss Free Spins And Jackpot
918Kiss Free Spins And Jackpot

Panther Moon is one of the top three popular games in 918Kiss APK. It’s not for nothing that gamers love this game. Moreover, the high odds and simple gameplay are loved by 918Kiss players.

In addition, the slot game theme is based on the black forest. So, when you are playing this slot game it is like you are in the forest adventure. Moreover, the game also uses black panthers, owls, jackals, lotus flowers, and dragonflies as slot symbols.

918Kiss Panther Moon was developed by Playtech and 918Kiss. Some of you might ask what is PlayTech. Well, Playtech is one of the best-known makers of gambling games. Unless your product is the best in the market, if not Playtech won’t cooperate with you.

You can find this slot game in Xe88, Mega888, and 918Kaya. But the most fun and easiest to play platform is 918Kiss.

918Kiss Panther Moon Mobile Slot Game Malaysia

918Kiss Panther Moon Slot 15 Pay Lines
918Kiss Panther Moon Slot 15 Pay Lines

There are 15 pay lines in the slot game for you to spin the reel. In addition, if you want to adjust the pay line, you can also press the “+” and ” -” button. Of course, the most perfect is the default setting 15 pay lines.

As a gambling expert, I urge 918Kiss players to read each symbol before they start playing with real money. On the other hand, the maximum coefficient of the game is 10,000times, as the symbol is the black panther.

Official 918Kiss Malaysia Odds Table
Official 918Kiss Malaysia Odds Table

The black panther is the wild symbol. Well, if 5 wild symbols appear on the reel, you will receive the coefficient of 10,000 times. Such a huge payout right? Quickly grab your 918Kiss Free Credit here and try this slot game right now.

Where To Play Panther Moon Slot?

Most Malaysian gambling products will have this game. But I recommend that players play it in 918Kiss APK. Well, just click on the bottom right corner to get your 918Kiss account from 918Kiss Official customer service executive.

Why Should You Play Panther Moon In 918Kiss?

918Kiss is one of the few platforms that has three grand prizes. Therefore, when you are gambling you have the chance to win the grand prize at random. The 918Kiss system chooses the winners randomly, no one knows how and why.

On the other hand, the RTP (Return To Player) percentage in 918Kiss Panther Moon is also the highest among all slot games.

How To Win Jackpot In 918Kiss?

We all know that it is not that easy to get Jackpot. But what we can do is increase our chances of winning the Jackpot.

We all know that there are 15 pay lines in this slot game, which means that there’s a total of 15 ways you could win in Panther Moon 918Kiss. Well, to win big you need to bet with the maximum wagers.

But the higher the stakes, the higher the risk. Likewise, the player has to handle the risk themself.


Every slot game has the scatter symbols. So, if you want unlimited free spins in 918Kiss Panther Moon, you need to try your best to strive 5 scatter symbols. Then you will receive 15 free spins.

Lastly, I hope after you finish reading this article, it will help you in winning 918Kiss Panther Moon. Click here if you want to study 918Kiss Alice slot tips and strategy.

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