918Kiss Pay Dirt Mobile Slot Malaysia

You Can Buy A Jet After You Played This Slot Game


Official 918Kiss Mobile Slot Game
Official 918Kiss Mobile Slot Game

The concept of this slot game is generated from the events of the California Gold Rush. This event is about a huge amount of gold nuggets. As receiving gold nuggets is undeniable a life goal for everyone’s life. Therefore, this game is using the concept of Pay Dirt to illustrating the game. The main objective of this slot game is on fulfilling people’s desires on getting golds and fortunes.

How To Win Big In 918Kiss Original?

918Kiss Android APK Malaysia
918Kiss Android APK Malaysia

There are many ways on how to win big in Pay Dirt for players. Firstly, the player needs to understand a few things first before starting the game. It is important to have a further understanding of pay lines and every symbol in the game.

This game has pay lines up to 25. It means that there are 25 chances of getting the winning opportunity which considered higher than the 918KISS A Night Out.

In addition, this game also providing many opportunities for getting the tripled prizes. For example, in the situation when more than one gold nugget is a substitute in a combination of winning.

Besides, players also need to focus on the pay dirt sign. This sign is a scatter win which enables the wining to become multiplied by the total bet in the game.

3 Important Features Of 918Kiss Pay Dirt

This game has to offer 3 features when getting scattered “Pay dirt ” signs. When this sign appeared, you will have the chance to select one of them and reveal which features that you’re getting. The features categorized as GOLD RUSH, GOLD FEVER, and STRIKE IT LUCKY.

By getting any one of it, it will be giving out free spins which up to a maximum of 12 times of free spins to players. It has shown that there a tons of endless opportunities in winning a huge amount of money in this game.

Tips On Playing 918Kiss Pay Dirt Slot

From the viewpoint of a 918KISS expert, I will recommend that beginners on using RM 10 on betting for their first few attempts. RM10 betting amount is the simplest and easiest way of getting high chances of winning more money.

Players need to know the patient is the key to success in winning a huge amount of money. Moreover, I would also like to suggest players using WIFI on accessing this game.

WIFI will provide a more stable operating system flow compared to mobile data. Apart from that, 918Kiss players also need to make sure that the APK is installed from the official download websites.


As long as you are able to catch the essence of this game, you will get the chance on winning tons of money. Play it patiently, golds and fortunes may all belong to you. Good luck to you! Click here if you want to know more 918Kiss Hacking Tips.

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