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Save The Princess From The Tower @918KISS Malaysia

Steam Tower

918Kiss Steam Tower Slot Game Malaysia
918Kiss Steam Tower Slot Game Malaysia

Steam Tower 918Kiss is a traditional slot game with 3 rows and 5 reels. Unlike the old slot machines, this one has a story: Your mission is to rescue the princess who trapped in a tower.

Besides that, you can find this game on the most famous gambling platform 918Kiss Malaysia. As I said above, 918Kiss players must try their best to save the princess who trapped inside the tower.

Moreover, it is not an easy job because the keeper of the tower is not a human but a fierce dragon. All you can do is win the Jackpot to save the princess. Every level has a different challenge waiting for you.

How Steam Tower Become The Hottest Slot In 918Kiss APK?

918Kiss Mobile Slot Game Feature
918Kiss Mobile Slot Game Feature

Most slot machines only let players blindly bet on the line to win money. But this game overturns the conventional wisdom of slot machines. Because Steam Tower 918Kiss is an adventure series slot game.

In addition to winning money, you have to save the heroine in the game. There are 20 pay lines in this game, which means there are 20 levels.

A lot of people must have thought that games of this scale should only be played on computers but they were wrong.

Well, you can play as long as you have a phone. No matter you are an Android user or an Apple user, as long as you have the Internet; you can start your adventure to save the princess.

Therefore, the HD graphics and adventurous gameplay make Steam Tower slot become one of 918Kiss’s hottest slot games in just three months.

918Kiss Slot Game Odds Table

Odds 918Kiss Original Malaysia
Odds 918Kiss Original Malaysia

By clicking the “Help” section you can view the odds table of the slot game. On the other hand, 918Kiss players are advised to study and memorize the coefficient of each symbol.

In addition, there is a symbol that can let you win up to 16X pays. – Scatter symbol. During the free games when steam power substitutes in a winning combination; the prizes are 2X, 3X, or, 4Xtimes.

Likewise, the multiplier is cumulative up to 16X times if two steam power symbols (Scatter Symbol) substitute in a winning combination too.

Is There Auto Spin Feature In 918Kiss Steam Tower Slot?

Yes, it does has this feature:

  • Pressing menu “Autoplay Options” will allow you to enter your Auto Play parameters.
  • “Auto Play” will automatically bet according to the options you have selected.
  • Pressing “Stop Auto” will deactivate the automatic bet option.

Rules And Regulations In 918Kiss Original Malaysia

  • All symbols are pay from left to right except the scatter symbols which pays any.
  • During the gambling period, the wins on different lines will be added to your balance.
  • Scatter wins are added to line play and the wins will be multiplied by 918Kiss’s player total bet.
  • Lastly, the maximum win per paid spin is 40,000 times.

Join Official 918Kiss To Get Free Coins In Steam Tower Slot

On the other hand, 918Kiss Steam Tower Slot not only has HD video quality but also rich odds and excellent customer service. So, there are a lot of benefits in this slot game why are you still hesitating?

Speaking of which, I’m sure many of you will want to try out the game. Although you can download the legal version of 918Kiss on any platform; but you still need to have a reliable company if you want to gamble with real money.

Browse if you want to get your 918Kiss account and password. They are an honest company. After all, they have been in business for five years. Such an experienced and trustworthy 918Kiss company is worth to be your trustworthy partner.


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