Xe88 Sun Wu Kong Slot

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Sun Wu Kong Slot

Xe88 Sun Wu Kong Slot
Xe88 Sun Wu Kong Slot

Today I will share with you, the easiest to win money slot game in Xe-88 which is Sun Wu Kong Slot. The developer who designed the game was inspired by the dramas The Journey To The West.

There always have one game in every slot application that is particularly easy to win money. Of course, the Xe88 slot is also the same.

Therefore, the exquisite graphic quality and amazing sounds effects make you feel like you’re in the game when playing Sun Wu Kong.

Wu Kong Xe88 Odds Table

Xe88 Odds Table
Xe88 Odds Table

Let’s look at the odds table. This is where you can learn how to win big from Sun Wu Kong.

There are many symbols and characters in the game. And of course, we’re going to focus primarily on the monkey because its multiple is X10,000. Just imagine if you strive 5 monkeys in any of the pay lines and your betting amount is RM1. You will win RM10,000. Amazing right?

Of course, monkeys are easy to strive and they have a certain technic to let you get free games easily. Keep this in mind if you want to win big from this game:

  1. Ensure you download the Xe88 slot from the official download site.
  2. Make sure your game account balance has at least RM50
  3. When entering the game at the beginning, don’t rush to bet. Quickly press the SPIN button three times first.
  4. Then, you can press the AUTO SPIN button. At this point, you will find that the first bet you auto spin will win.
  5. Keep doing this about 20 times, and your pay line will immediately strive five monkeys!!
  6. Don’t be greedy, this method can only be used for the RM1 betting amount.
  7. When you successfully win RM10,000, remember to ask the customer service staff to change your account. This method only can be used once per account.

Sun Wu Kong Slot Xe88 – 15 Pay Lines

Xe88 Sun Wu Kong Slot Pay Lines
Xe88 Sun Wu Kong Slot Pay Lines

Now, I supposed you have gained more understanding of this game. Well, don’t forget to share this technic to your friends.

There are 15 pay lines in Sun Wu Kong Slot. As you can see from the screenshot above:

15 pay lines in Xe88 slots are actually pretty easy to understand. There are very few slot machines that have 15 pay lines with this high of odds. In addition, make sure you study the pay line before you start betting.

Lastly, are welcome to ask questions at any time. Also, you can contact us through live chat if you want. Lastly, good luck and hope this article helps you.

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