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Sun WuKong

918Kiss Android APK Download
918Kiss Android APK Download

For those of you watching the latest news, I’m sure you all know that although entertainment venues can stay open until 2:00 am. But RMCO is also delayed to the end of the year. I believe this is bad news for those of you who love to travel. It must be boring at home. So, today I would like to introduce one game that can help you relax – The Sun Wukong.

Kiss918 newly developed this slot game. Moreover, I believe many Chinese in Southeast Asia will think of “Journey To The West” when they heard this name. It’s a classic drama.

If you’ve seen it, needless to tell you that how brave the monkey is. Besides, this slot game is developed based on the drama. Moreover, this great slot game is currently only available on 918Kiss APK.

So, interested players can download the Kiss918 APK from our official website. And then you can contact us through WeChat, Whatsapp, and LiveChat to ask for your account. Then only you can start your gambling career. The steps to complete your registration are as simple as that.

What Is Sun WuKong Slot In Kiss918 APK?

If you are interested in this game, please continue to read on. First of all, when you enter your account into the game, you will see a feature of the traditional slot machine has which is 3 rows and 5 reels.

Besides, the symbol of each slot in the reels adopts the elements in Journey to the West. On the other hand, if you don’t know this drama. I believe that after playing this game, you will at least have some knowledge and cognition of it.

Furthermore, there are 15 pay lines in Sun WuKong for you to spin the reel. Well, 15 pay lines are considered less compare with other 918Kiss slot games. So, this slot game is slightly easy to understand and it is suitable for beginner players.

Besides, players can adjust the pay lines according to their preferences. However, as an experienced veteran player, my advice to you is not to adjust the pay lines. After all, the more pay lines there are, the more winning combinations there are. So, players can win money more easily.

The Best Odds And Combinations In 918Kiss APK

Sun WuKong 918Kiss Original APK Malaysia
Sun WuKong 918Kiss Original APK Malaysia

There are only two symbols that you have to focus on in this game which is Scatter and Wild symbol. Because these two symbols, when combined with other symbols, can win you millions. Therefore, when you know the two symbols well enough, I believe winning is as simple as ABC.

For the Wild symbols, if more than three appear on the reel, the player gets a 5 times multiplier. Eventually, you will win twice as many. So, now you know which symbol you should focus on during gambling.

For the Scatter symbols, if more than 2 appear on the reel, the player has a chance to access three different game features. Furthermore, the player can choose any one of them and each game feature has a different promotion and bonus.

In Conclusion

Thank you for reading this article and if you think it’s a good article and want to know more you can browse Lastly, enjoy and good luck to you.

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