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Azri works at a 7-11 outlet in Kuala Lumpur. He comes from a big family and thus had to quit schooling at 18 and go to work. The only immediate job he could get was a store assistant at 7-11 since he was young and had no specialized skills. Since young Azri had a passion for playing internet games on computers and laptops where he could lay his hands. When smartphones became popular, he bought the cheapest in the market and continued his passion for playing these games. Besides, Azri was a diligent and hard worker. Whatever he earned from his job he gave to support his family and if he had overtime or bonuses kept a small amount for himself. The reason for keeping some for himself was because he needed to pay for his mobile internet bills. At his workplace, Azri got to know about XE88 slot online casino gaming through his colleague. Since Azri was passionate about playing internet games, XE88 was a godsend to him. Within minutes Azri got himself registered and within the next few minutes had an XE88 slot installed on his smartphone.

Claim 50% Welcome Bonus XE88 Slot
Claim 50% Welcome Bonus XE88 Slot

XE88 Slot Tips And Tricks

His colleague had nothing much to teach Azri except for some tips and tricks. Azri got fascinated with all the slot, table, and arcade games that XE88 came with. Daily at work during his breaks, he will test play the games with the free credits that he got as a welcome bonus when he signed up with XE88. Upon returning home, when all his family members had slept, he would put on his earphones and play the games. This went on for a week or two.

Every time he plated, Azri realized that there were strategies involved in playing these games. He would write down all these strategies and see where he was going wrong or what he was doing right. One day he came across a slot game called “God Of Wealth”. He is particularly impressed with this slot game because it is the third most-played game by XE88 players.

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God Of Wealth

How Does XE88 Slot God Of Wealth Look Like?

This looked like an intriguing game as it was about “Cai Shen” the Chinese god of wealth. For Chinese number, 8 represents luck and so this game centers around luck. The setting for this slot game is quiet and very relaxing as you are in the comfort of a beautiful Chinese home and looking through transparent reels out to a pretty Chinese garden.

“God Of Wealth” allows you to choose and play 1 to 9 pay-lines on the rotation of games in any of the 5 reels. It is a Progressive slot with Scatter Symbols. It also gave you Autoplay, Multipliers, and Free Spins.


The Story Began

He found this game very easy and soon grew attracted to it. He applied all the strategies that he had learned previously and got fantastic winnings. Since he was using only the free credits, his winnings were minimal. Whatever he won, he did not use it at all on other games. A few days went by and Azri’s confidence grew in big jumps.

One day at work, Azri’s boss announced that the best employee of the month would receive a cash amount of Rm 500. Azri’s heart missed a beat or two. Deep down he was hoping that it would be him. Sure enough, the winner was Azri. Azri was on cloud nine for a few hours and wanted to tell his mum about it. Suddenly a voice from his mind said,” How nice if this amount is in thousands and could solve a lot of your family’s issues”. He put his phone down and sat down to think.

Progressive Jackpot Win In XE88

Azri Win RM78K

When he went home that night he felt very guilty for not telling his mum about his Rm 500. When everyone had gone to sleep, Azri went into action. He put on his earpiece and logged in to the XE88 slot. The first thing he did was to deposit the RM 500 to his XE88 account.

Deep down he felt scared but he knew that he could handle it. It was time for him to shine and show all his skills in “God Of Wealth”. He had played “God Of Wealth” numerous times and had learned all strategies to win. His first game itself was a lucky strike where he won free spins. Next came the multipliers and since “God Of Wealth” had autoplay, Azri used it.

Suddenly the picture of “God Of Wealth” appeared and he knew his victory was near. Bingo!! His inner gut feelings were right. He had won Rm 78K in total. His heart kept telling him to go on but he remembered what his dad told him about not being greedy.

Trusted Online Casino

Therefore, he immediately contacted the customer support team of XE88. After verifying, the money was in Azri’s local bank account. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he checked and saw Rm 78K in his account. He screamed and jumped in joy and this woke up the entire family. He told them of his good luck and great winnings. They too were extremely happy for him.

The next day he gives his mum RM 50k and kept Rm 28K for himself. He told his mum that he was going to use that money to continue his studies further. His mum was so proud of him. Till today Azri still works at 7-11 but is taking a course in mobile app development as part-time weekend classes to upgrade himself. He still plays games at XE88 but he knows his limits well. He knows when to play on and when to stop. I think this is a good habit all casino gamers should adopt.

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